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How Do They Treat Mesothelioma?


As with most illnesses, the manner in which medical practitioners typically treat patients who suffer from mesothelioma cancer will depend on where the cancer is physically located, the general overall health of the patient, the prognoses stage of the disease, and the patient's health. However, if we give it as taken that all patient's are at the same level for all of these variable factors, then the following are some of the more common treatment options available for patients suffering from mesothelioma cancer:


If you keep in mind that most mesothelioma cancer suffers have developed the disease due to small microscope fibers having penetrated the mesothelium membrane, it may seem odd that surgery is often a common option to treat this type of cancerous disease. However, you need to keep in mind that the surgical option available to physicians aims at removing the cancerous mesothelioma cells that have developed post inhalation of the fibers that were the root cause of the disease. Consequently, this form of treatment is not uncommon with pleural mesothelioma, where part of a lung may be removed (in an operation known as a ‘pneumonectomy'), and pertioneal mesothelioma, where part of the abdomen may be removed - but is much rarer with pericardial mesothelioma, due to the associated risks.

Radiation therapy
Whenever you mention cancer to a patient, one of the treatments that'll expect you to discuss is radiation therapy. The same, it must be said, holds true with mesothelioma cancer. Radiation therapy treatment typically comes either in the form of gamma radiation therapy of chemical radiation therapy.

Chemotherapy treatment
Again, discuss treatment methods with cancer patients and chemotherapy is going to be a topic of discussion. With mesothelioma cancer this also acts as traditional therapy treatment. One small difference with chemotherapy treatment of mesothelioma cancer patients, however, is in addition to possibly being given the chemotherapy drugs intravenously via injections into the veins, the doctor treating the illness may also advise that the chemotherapy drug treatment, such as Cispatin, be applied directly into the affected area, either the chest or abdomen.

Gene therapy
Still in clinical trails, gene therapy involves the use of a suicide gene injected directly into the patient's tumor, which in turn makes the tumor sensitive to commonly used drugs, which can then be applied to kill the tumor – hence the “suicide” label, as the injected gene will be killed off with the tumor.

Whichever form of mesothelioma treatment you seek, it is essential that you talk through the various different options available to you with your physician and that, together, you come to a treatment that suits your particular circumstances. While it should be noted that a number of alternative treatments do exist for treating mesothelioma, due to the relative newness of this dreadful disease it is always strongly recommended that you undergo mainstream medical treatment to combat the illness, even if that does mean you asking your doctor if you can be included in any mesothelioma clinical trials currently being undertaken in your local area.


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